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Welcome to DAV Dental College

Many students rush toward Medical College without first considering what the field of dentistry has to offer. What they may not know is that a career as a dental professional can offer many advantages. Dentists are professionals trained specifically for diagnosing and treating the many diseases that can occur in the oral cavity. In addition, they instruct patients on how to care for their teeth and gums. They restore teeth that are damaged by decay, trauma or other reasons, using a wide variety of techniques and materials.

As a dentist, you have the opportunity to strengthen your patient’s self-confidence, improve their overall health, and potentially even save lives. For example, infections such as cancer can show their first symptoms in the oral cavity. As a result, the dentist often serves as the first line of detection for these life-threatening diseases. Dentists most certainly make a difference in the lives of their patients.

Principal Message


Dr. Garish Kumar
As the Principal of MN DAV Dental College and Hospital, Solan it gives me immense pleasure to brief about the institution through the official website. The institute run under the guiding principles of Swami Viveka Nand & Mahatama Hans Raj Ji and with the guidance of Hon’ble Shri Punam Suri Ji, President DAV College Managing Committee has come to be rightfully recognized in Himachal Pradesh and beyond as a premier institute delivering excellence in education and patient care. In 1997, state of Himachal Pradesh desired that DAV Management start a Dental Institution at Tatul Village, District Solan. The main objective of DAV Management is to reach the door step of rural ceiling dental patients with all experience and implements and to educate, motivate and create awareness regarding dental health care amongst the lay masses. Dentistry is a craft and dentist is judged how efficient and master craftsman he is.
Situated at 10 km away from Solan city in the green valley and pollution free zone of Solan hills makes it a first choice for pursuing BDS course. In view of pressing demand of people of state of Himachal Pradesh, the DAV Management is in the process of starting P.G. course (MDS) in various specialties.
The collective endeavour of the students and highly efficient team of faculty members in bringing forth a good reputation adds another feather in the cap of the list of achievements of the college. A culture of innovative learning through research and voluntary study is pursued.
It is time to accept that change is the constant factor in practice and academics. World is not a parking place, it is a racing track; let us all keep on moving.
Dr. Garish Kumar

President Message


Sh. Punam Suri
DAV society made a tryst with destiny 126 years ago for the spread of education in India. Since then it has opened schools, colleges and technical institutions in all parts of India, from the metros to the remotest corners of the country. Right from the start, carefully planned teaching innovations have been adopted, which have led to better teaching. The most modern of devices and teaching aids are in use, since that is in a way the very raison d’être of the DAV’s existence.
To seek the best from the world over and yet carry along with us our values that form the basis of every action of everyday life, blend the best of modernity with tradition is practiced for which DAV has also been seen as a precursor of change.
This process of gradual evolution that the DAV brings about is not just limited to students, but to all those associated with it, be they teachers, administrators, staff or parents.
I see DAV today, more than just an institution or an organization. It is a way of life that crosses all barriers of caste, creed, race and religion. Now with this prospectus, even geographical barriers are surpassed. This is so because at the core of our existence is enshrined the guiding principles by Maharishi Swami Dayanand ji and Mahatma Hansraj ji, which are the basic human values that have to be accepted the world over for us to build a better tomorrow. We try to do this by instilling the core values into every man, woman and child, towards the foundation of a more glorious future, because in education lies the greatest service to an individual, to the nation and to humanity.
Welcome to DAV family,
Punam Suri.

DAV Management

DAV Management has been a constituted in accordance with the provisions of Regulations 6 to 17 of the Regulations of Society Act. The Society was registered on 16 Aug. 1886 under the Society of Registration Act XXI of 1860.
DAV Management is a conglomerate of more than 700 Education Institutions in the Country & abroad. All DAV Institutions in India and in abroad have been serving as radiant centre of light and culture for more than 122 years.
In Jan 1988 DAV College Managing Committee established DAV Dental College at Yamunanagar (Haryana). The institution is recognized by Govt. of India & Dental Council of India & running 6 PG Courses in various disciplines since 1997.
In 1997 State of Himachal Pradesh desired that the DAV Management to start a Dental Institution at Tatul Village Distt. Solan, which is located 10 Km away from Solan City. 1st batch of students was admitted w.e.f. session 98-99 with the approval of DCI. Three batches have passed out after completion of compulsory internship.
This college is recognised by the Government of India & Dental Council of India and permanentaly affiliated with Himachal Pradesh Univesity, Shimla.
The main object of DAV Management is to reach at the door step of rural ailing dental patients with all experience & implements and to educate, motivate & create awareness regarding dental health care amongst the lay masses specially children and youth to improve their dental health status. DAV Dental College Solan has initiated the latest Hi-tech advances in the field of dental sciences and has made them available in the remotest corner of the State on a cost-effective basis. In other words DAV Dental college, Solan has adapted the policy of Rural Oral and Dental Health mission.
DAV Management has already invested more than Ten Crores Rupees to create infrastructure to meet the requirement of DCI in this difficult hilly area.
To provide better health care to the people, the college has set up Dental Hospital in the heart of the town. The Dental Hospital has been supplied with the necessary latest equipments and technology to the effect that it has the right to claim to be the most advanced Dental Institute in the state, offering exemplary facilities and vast resources with the intention to keep pace with the rapidly changing vistas of specialized dental care.
The institution is arranging periodically Dental Camps to extend our services to rural masses besides the Hospital services. DAV Management is in the process of starting P.G. Course in six specialties for which the infrastructure has already been created to meet the requirement of D.C.I. as well as pressing demand of people of State of Himachal Pradesh. Permission for starting P.G. courses has been obtained from the H.P. Govt.
All the members of the staff are veterans in their respective subject. The number of Professors, Readers and Senior Lecturers are as per requirement of Dental Council of India and Medical Council of India

Affiliation & Recognition

This institute is affiliated to Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla & recognised by Dental Council of India & Govt. of India (Min. of Health). The facilities at the campus truly reflect DAV’s holistic approach to provide an intellectually stimulating ambience to inculcate and share knowledge. Access to well equipped laboratories arouse the passion to master the skill of dental surgery in students.
Well equipped basic sciences laboratories provide a prefect training ground for students before they step into clinical scenario.
Regular dental camps are conducted in schools & rural areas to spread awareness of importance dental health. At MN DAV Dental College & Hospital the management is committed to the policy of regular up-gradation of the equipments & other facilities keeping in mind the changing needs and demands of time.